Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Few Cast Bronze Pieces

Anonymous Cast Sextans, Tortoise
Rome, 230 BC, TV-35, Cr 24/7

Anonymous Cast Semis, Post Semilibral
Rome, 215 – 212 BC, Cr 41/6, TV 71

This coin is only 20 grams, lower than the lowest specimen sited in T&V (22 gr). 

Aes Formatum - Cockle-shell
Central Italy, 5th-3rd century BC

Cast AE Uncia, Astragalus Club
Rome, with mintmark, Cr 27/10 260 BC

Anonymous, Cast Sextans
Shell and Caduceus
Rome, 280-276 BC; Cr 14/5; TV 5

I obtained these recently. The cast shell is similar to the one shown on the coin, but is "dated" earlier. The cast shell may have been used in trade, or cast as an artistic piece.  

I bought this lot of  aes signatum before the two pieces above. One of the pieces is a fraction of  a cast shell / caduceus, TV5, coin.

Roman Republic Cast Triens, "heavy" Janus-Mercury series, 289 - 245 BC, Thunderbolt; on either side two pellets. Rev. Dolphin swimming r.; below, four pellets. Cr 14/3, H pl. 39, 10. Syd. 38. TV 3.

I have a few more to post when time allows. I have moved my Roman Republican collection from mostly silver denarii to some struck bronze and older pieces like aes rude, aes formatum and aes grave. I have avoided the Imperatorial period due to the higher cost.