Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Small Collection of Cast Roman Republican Bronze
Aes Rude, Aes Formatum and Aes Signatum
Central Italy, VI - IV century BC
From top center:
  • Aes Formatum - bronze bar with no markings or features; 746 grams; VI - IV century BC; Central Italy; this piece is equivalent to about 3 Asses of the
  • Aes Rude - piece of bronze plate of bar; 375 grams; VI - IV century BC; Central Italy; about one ass
  • Aes Rude - pieces of irregularly formed bronze; 8 - 36 grams; Central Italy; the pieces are both pieces broken from a larger flat plate or bar and irregularly shaped pieces
  • Aes Rude (Aes Signatum?) - piece of larger bar with shapes on surface; 105 grams; Central Italy
  • Aes Rude - piece of bronze bar, some surface features, 41 grams;
  • Aes Signatum Stirate - piece of bronze bar with parallel lines on top; 37 grams,
  • Aes Signatum - small edge piece of bronze bar; features off piece, 47 grams
  • Aes Rude - irregular lump of bronze, 33 grams
These pieces are attributed to Central Italy in the 6th to 4th centuries BC. Romans may not have produced these pieces, but by the end of the time period they were used for trade in areas allied with, influenced by or conquered by Rome. 
Aes Rude

Aes Rude on left with X
Aes Grave on right, two dots =Sextans


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