Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cr348/5 or Cr344/4a

Cr348/5 or Cr344/4a

I bought a coin on line from a dealer I have found offered nice coins at reasonable prices. I liked this coin because it showed some interesting features, not the least of which was the double or over striking. In hand it looks to me like a double-struck coin. The coin was offered as RVBRI ? As, Cr348/5. I think I have a L.TITURI.L.F/SABINVS As, Cr344/4a. My attribution is based on the outline of the Janus head on the obverse and "reading" what few letters I could decipher on the reverse. The clincher was the shape to the right of the prow, I called Victory.
Anyone have different thoughts?
I do not find many pictures of late RR Asses. Turns out I decided to change attribution based on a picture in a book showing the RR coin collection in the Warsaw Museum. The RBW Collection of Roman Republican Coins by Roberto Russo and the Vecci 1997 auction catalog also showed the coins. Crawford and Grueber were not helpful. 


  1. The coin metrics:
    11.29 grams
    the coin is a bit oval with max dia = 26.2 mm and min dia = 25.6
    6 h
    the second strike is rotated about 30 degrees
    The reverse is a bit concave and the obverse is flat. I have few RR bronze, so I am not sure if that is common.

  2. Yes, Cr344/4a or 4d . 4d would have part of the wing
    above the prow, but the coin isn't clear there. This As
    is scarce, but not rare.

    Dick Schaefer