Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ramo Secco, Currency Bar; CENTRAL ITALY, Emilia(?): 6th to 4th century BC

I added a currency bar ,with markings, I have been wanting for a while.

Roman Republican Ramo Secco Currency Bar (Aes Signatum)
CENTRAL ITALY, Emilia(?): 6th to 4th century BC
Fragment of a bronze ingot, on both sides branch with no leaves.
AE. 826 grams; Length = 62 mm, Width = 77 mm, Height = 36 mm
Thurlow-Vecchi AS1.
Vecchi – 3.1
HNI – pg 45 – highly ferruginous bars made apparently from 6th century in southern Etruria, Emilia and occasionally Sicily.
Grueber – lists 2 bars, but not RS
Cr – lists bars, but not RS
Syd AG – not in Sydenham
Haberline – pg 10 – 19; plates 4 – 6
Garrucci – Table VII, IX & X

The Ramo Secco cast ingots are the most common of the cast bars. They are normally found in fragments and subdivisions. They weigh anywhere from 500 grams to 2000 grams and often have weak or missing designs. 

Country Umbria  
Type or era Cent Italy Cast  
Coin type Currency Bar  
Mint   Emilia  
Issued by Anon TV AS1  
Issued by anonymous  
Title of issuer    
Mint Date, BC -500 6th to 4th cent BC
Weight, grams 826  
Weight - max 1,865  
Weight - min 32  
Weight - avg 694  
Weight - st dev 385  
Number 19  
Length, mm 61.0  
Width, mm 77.0  
Thick, mm 36.0  
Length, mm    
Width, mm    
Thick, mm    
Metal AE  
Serrated N  
Cr TV AS1  
BMCRR V 3.1  
Sear: #, VF, EF    
RSC: #, VF, EF    
CRR / AG    
HNI pg 45  
Haberline Pg 10-19, Plate 4-6  
Garrucci Pg 5-8; Table VII, IX, X  

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