Sunday, September 4, 2016

My 5 Favorite Coins

I attended a meeting of ancient coin collectors last week. It was interesting seeing what others collect and some of the stories that went with the coins. For example:

  • The obverse and reverse of this coin shows the silphium plant and seed. The plant was known for its medicinal properties, including contraception. (1). The reverse shows something much like modern day valentine heart. 
  • I won this coin by bidding from a helicopter flying over Brazil.
  • This silver sixpence was worn in my grandmother's shoe on her wedding day.
My favorite five:
The large piece is a Ramo Secco bar

Julia Domna (Augusta, 193-217).

Moesia Inferior, Marcianopolis.
Æ Triassarion
Obv - Draped bust r. R

 (23mm, 8.78g, 7h). / The Three Graces standing—the outer two facing, with heads turned inward, the middle with back facing and with arm around other two. H&J, Marcianopolis; cf. Varbanov 887. Good Fine
The coin above is my most recent purchase. The one in the group of five is an older coin from the Mark Stahl collection offered by CNG several years ago.

Roman Republic Silver Denarius, Rome, 42 BC
C. Vibius Varo
Obv - Helmeted bust of Minerva r., wearing aegis
Rev - Hercules standing facing, holding club in r. hand and lion-skin over l. arm; on r. C. VIBIVS; on l. VARVS.
Cr – 494/38
BMCRR – 4303
Syd – 1140
Bab – Vibia 26
Coin from John Quincy Adams collection.

C. Caecilius Metellus Caprarius. AR Denarius, 125 BC.

Obv. Head of Roma right, wearing Phrygian helmet; below chin, X and behind, ROMA.
Rev. Jupiter, crowned by Victory flying right, in biga of elephants left, holding thunderbolt in left hand and reins in right; in exergue: C. METELLVS.
Cr. 269/1.
B. 14.
4.01 grams, 18.0 mm
R. Insignificant hairline flan cracks, otherwise good EF. Perfectly centred and struck on excellent metal, from fresh exceptional dies, work of a skilled master-engraver. A masterpiece in miniature, lustrous and lightly toned.

M. Volteius M.f. AR Denarius 78 BC.

Silver denarius; 3.77 grams; 19.50 mm; Well struck on a broad flan. Brilliant, superb and lightly toned. EF.
Obv. Head of Bacchus (or Liber) right, wearing ivy-wreath, and long hair in locks.
Rev. Ceres in biga of snakes right, holding torch in each hand; behind, plumb-bob. In exergue, M. VOLTEI. M.F.

Cr. 385/3.
Grueber 3160
RSC/Bab – Volteia 3
Syd – 776

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