Thursday, October 15, 2015

Anonymous Quinarius, Cr 47/1. uncertain mint

Roman Republican Anonymous. AR Quinarius. 
after 211 BC. 
Obv. Head of Roma right, V behind. 
Rev. The Dioscuri galloping right; in exergue, ROMA in linear frame. 
Cr 47/1. 
BMCRR Rome 195
Sydenham 192
RBW 183 - 184
on line British Museum 47.1.1-4
AR. g. 2.12 mm. 16.00 Struck with rusty dies. EF.

Country Roman
Type or era Roman Republican
Coin type Quinarius
Mint   Unknown (Crawford) Rome (Grueber)
Issued by Anon
Issued by Anon
Title of issuer moneyer
Mint Date -211
Weight 2.12
Diameter - max 16
Metal AR
Serrated N
Cr  47/1
CRR 192 or 141
Orientation 7
Purchase date
Grade EF
Centering obv well centered, rev 13% off center. Only half of one Dioscuri star is off coin. 
Strike good strike, reverse looks good, obverse looks lightly struck, but Gruber notes these coins are in low relief
Flan flaws die rust, flow lines
Style excellent gryphon, Roma and Dioscuri typical
Patination light
Damage none
Obverse Roma
Reverse Dioscuri
Obverse Roma wearing winged helmet ornameted with gryphon's head, the visor in 3 pieces, straight lines with slight bend at end, single drop ear ring, double necklace; behind V, border dots
Reverse Dioscuri on horseback holding lances with stars above heads, In Ex - ROMA on tablet
Obverse dies 20
Reverse dies 25

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