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A cast coin from Umbria, Tuder - TV-167

A cast Sextans from Umbria, Tuder - Cicada / Trident
TV-167; 220 - 200 BC
11.45 grams / 21 mm
Cast coins circulated in Central Italy until Rome's second Carthaginian war. By that time, bronze was scarce and the weight of the base unit, the As, had dropped from 300 grams to 50 grams or less. Bronze fractions of the As dropped in weight also. Tuder was an independent city and issued coins with a weight standard similar to Rome's. This coin was issued late in the cycle.
This coin is not recorded in Roman Republican books Crawford or Sear. It is listed in books on cast coins by Vecchi, Thurlow & Vecchi, Sydenham, Haberline and Garrucci. It is in HN Italy also. I have digital copies of Haberline & Garrucci. See a previous post for a place to download the books. Haberline had 8 pictures of this coin type and reported weights for 124 coins in his book. The average weight of the heaviest 26 coins was 50 grams. The lightest 98 coins averaged 18 grams. Only two were lighter than my coin. When I looked on line today, 3 of 7 coins I found were lighter than mine.

Country Umbria      
Type or era Cent Italy Cast      
Coin type AES Grave Uncia      
Mint   Tuder      
Issued by Anon TV 167      
Issued by anonymous      
Title of issuer        
Mint Date, BC -220  -220 to -200    
Weight, grams 11.45      
Weight - max 17.95 50.18    
Weight - min 10.40 32.5    
Weight - avg 13.900 42.64 equal to As of 83.4 / 242.8  
Weight - st dev 98.000 26    
Diameter - max 20.9      
Diameter - min 20.8      
Diameter - max         
Diameter - min        
Diameter - avg        
Diameter - st dev        
Metal AE      
Serrated N      
Cr TV 167 TV 161 is the same but larger and older    
BMCRR V 226 V 220 is the same but larger and older    
Sear: #, VF, EF        
RSC: #, VF, EF        
CRR / AG AG 225 AG 38 is the same but larger and older    
CRI HNI 49 HNI 44 is the same but larger and older    
NMWar Hab Pl 81, 23-26      
NMCr Gar Pl LV, 9      
Purchased from http://pics.ebaystatic.com/aw/pics/s.gif,http://pics.ebaystatic.com/aw/pics/s.gif
Purchase date
Currency  GBP      
Excahange rate 1.518      
Grade VF      
Centering well centered      
Strike cast    
Flan flaws small piece missing where broken from mold    
Style typical, crude artwork for small cast coin    
Patination brown      
Damage none    
Obverse Cicada Sydenham says fly in AG.    
Reverse Trident      
Obverse Cicada with two dots, one on either side      
Reverse Trident with two dots to R and Vt to left. Haeberline gives 3 forms to the second letter: t, y, r (approximately)  
Examples Haeberline 98 Haberline had two groups.     
The earlier group was larger and older. Mine was small and later.        

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