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Manio Aemilio Lepido

Crawford 291.1

114 to 113 BC

This is a relatively common Republican denarius in a modest grade, VF. Crawford estimates 283 obverse dies and 354 reverse dies. I found 62 examples on the internet and in my books before I decided to stop looking. The weight range is interesting. There were no examples I found over 4 grams, but a significant portion of the ones I found were high weight, 3.80 - 3.98 grams. Only one of the coins was listed as a fouree, but the very light ones: 2.86, 2.90, 3.10 grams are suspect. Two brockages were noted.
There was a bit of discussion on the obverse identification. Most agree that Roma is likely. Some folks just say female bust. Grueber notes the similarity with Pietas on coins by Herennius, Cr 308.1a. Crawford says the letters on the back identify the moneyer and not a historical figure (the statue). The arches are probably from the aqueduct started by Mn Aemilius Lepidus, but completed and named after Q Marcius Rex (Aqua Marcia). This coin has two examples of letters in monogram, MA on the obverse and MN on the reverse.

Country Roman
Type or era Republican
Coin type Denarius
Mint   Rome
Issued by Manio Aemilio Lepido Manius Aemilius Lepidus
Title of issuer moneyer
Mint Date -114  -114 to -113
Weight 3.98 this coin 3.98
Weight - max 3.98
Weight - min 2.86
Weight - avg 3.758
Weight - st dev 0.252
Number 62
Diameter - max 18.86 this coin 18
Diameter - min 18.26 this coin
Diameter - max  19.6
Diameter - min 17.0
Diameter - avg 18.544
Diameter - st dev 0.679
Metal Ar
Serrated N
Cr 291.1
BMCRR Italy 590
Sear: # 168
RSC: # Aemilia 7
CRR 554
NMWar 527 527 - 533
NMCr 133
Purchased from,,,
John Jenek
Purchase date
Currency  $
Excahange rate
Grade VF
Centering Obverse 13% off center, all features oncoin; Reverse 9% off center, top of MN partly off coin
Strike good strike, high relief coin with some high points worn or not fully struck
Flan flaws none
Style high relief, per Grueber style is typical of southern Italy where Greek influence stronger
Patination uneven tone
Damage none
Obverse  Roma
Reverse Rider Aqueduct
Obverse Laureate, diademed and draped female bust, to R - ROMA (MA in monogram), to L *. Most attribute the bust to Roma, but it is similar to Pietas on coins of M. Herennius.
Reverse MN.AEMILIO around equestrian statue R, on an aqueduct, LEP between arches,
Obverse dies 283
Reverse dies 354


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